The Body Beautiful

The body beautiful unique and individual unstoppable and secure when comfortable shy and awkward hidden when insecure afraid and self-conscious when unsure. The body beautiful surprisingly similar the sexes are homogeneous simple yet distinctly individual pure yet unexplored stark naked lunar glow familiar. The body beautiful softness untraveled curves and contours uncharted dimples and fine... Continue Reading →

Screams and Frightmares

Dreams "sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep" Close my eyes slumber comes a recurrent dream I'm falling from great heights never hitting the bottom Visions Fantasy Hallucination Nightmares Preoccupied by stressful thought before slumber came spent all day in a trance staring into space no one there lost in thought but of what...... Continue Reading →


Holding arms out  examining scars years worth some not visible to the human eye forever times of unhappiness  sitting in the dark night after night questioning our own existence from birth to parentage to lovers to loss battling inner demons caused by pain more questions than answers more confusion doubt headaches dizziness insomnia anger confusion... Continue Reading →

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