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The Delicate Dove

wallpaper-dove-4Stout body, driving fight

she has strength and moves with purpose

she perseveres and turns wounds into wisdom

in her essence she is a gift to the world.

She is strong and independent but also delicate

She loves, like exploring depths of the sea

She is intact but firm

She is feminine but sometimes empty on the inside.

imagesShe follows not a set of rules

but there is nothing rigid about her

she is womanly and free when she is not trapped inside her own head.

She nurtures, at times to a fault.

She is indifferent to drama and vibrant with light

she is not afraid to fail

she is classy, fabulous and loved

she wants to be appreciated and treated with kindness and respect always.


She breaks down barriers and stands tall

she creates herself to those who think she is small

she knows solitude and balance

she is  not afraid of self-reflection

she is always searching, learning and growing.


She is a delicate dove seeing all and showing love

she knows there are no shortcuts to avenues worth going

she is strong now and always worth knowing.


Honor our mothers, daughters and sisters

they may not have it easy but what they give you today can improve all your tomorrows.

Behold the delicate dove, woman, as you know her and should show her love.

"Gazelle" by AnnThrax
“Gazelle” by AnnThrax


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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Childhood’s Hour – A Quintessential Truth #12



What can we create inside of one hour

when we are a child we can build a pillow tower

A couch fort to hide in

A castle of power

the things we create inside that one hour.


When we are young with no cares in the world it is easy to be creative.  Tapping our imagination comes so easily.  We take out our toys and the world is ours.  As we grow older we often lose this ability or we become scared to show for others will laugh or believe us immature.  I’m okay with that.  I like being in touch with my inner child.  Especially when my body is again far faster than it should.  Being silly at times makes me laugh.  I love to laugh.  I’ve laughed so hard I’ve peed a little which makes me laugh even more.  I have laughed til I’ve cried.  I have laughed til I’ve coughed myself sick.  now that’s some laughing!

At forty-six I will still build a couch fort, colour in colouring books and watch looneytunes.  Laughter is definitely the best medicine and when I can laugh at myself, even though I’m in incredible pain or so incredibly sick on some days,  laughing even for a second brings relief.


Laugh at least once a day

there’s always a way

a joke, a story

keeps woes at bay.


just laugh

yuck it on up

laugh til you have tears in your eyes

mess that pretty make-up job up.


I say

laugh it on out

laugh, giggle

scream joy and shout.




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

Oxygen for the Soul – A Quintessential Truth #11

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel.
Copyright © Shanta Gabriel.

When we finally realize our potential and take a moment to breathe, we open ourselves up to accept our destiny.  Take lessons we’ve learned and apply them to free ourselves from cages that bind us preventing our own growth.

So many times we confine our potential selves to temporary self-jail sentences to be served in pain and our own purgatory.  In a split second we can be devoured by darkness and until we open our eyes, minds, hearts and souls, we lie there suffocating.  It takes a lot of self-doubt to wind up in the dark corner curled up in the fetal position waiting for the cloak of death to completely engulf what is left of our weary bodies.  But, it takes a tremendous amount more for us to fight that overwhelming darkness and reach down deep inside and find ourselves, our worthy selves and pull from our very essence the will to fight against the devil on our shoulder and reach out for the seraph who’s stepped forth with light to guide us back to the land of the living.


It’s easy to give in but when one does the shroud of darkness that consumes us has an ability to make us act out and become irrational.  We then start reaching for anything or anyone who makes us feel just one ounce of something normal or being needed.  These are times where we don’t always make the best choices or decisions.  We act out of turn with behaviours that just aren’t us.

I’ve always possessed the ability to feel with and for those around me.  I’m an Empath not by choice but by birth.  It’s just who I am.  I literally feel the pain of others around me.  It’s impaling and painful on one’s body.  It allows me to see people for who they really are and I then listen to my inner essence for the way in which a response of healing shall come.  Now, some of you are sitting there saying to yourselves oh no, another nut who thinks she can heal people.  This is far from the truth.  What I mean is simple.  If you truly pay attention and get to know someone you can see signs of when they are happy, sad, falling or completely in trouble and take those signs to really help them from deep within yourself.

Twin Flames Blue Decor Chakra Art Print
Twin Flames Blue Decor Chakra Art Print

Something small can touch someone, leave them speechless, mute them for a moment so they can gather their thoughts or compose themselves but if they can spark a feeling inside, even if to come up with random words in singular fashion such as happy, content, safe, touched, stunned, strong or belief, then you have achieved reaching their inner will to live.  If timed perfectly you can speak volumes all the ways that can make an incredible difference in someone’s life providing them the oxygen they need to thrive again.  Remind someone that “they can and do make a difference to others” and you have given them the greatest gift, the will to live, the will to believe in themselves, to realize “they matter” and it is the best gift you could ever give.  Simple reminders why one should never ever give up on themselves.

It can be so wonderful to read things and see that someone really gets you and understands.  It also says that you really do pay attention and remember the things that matter.


Knowing someone’s soul and their gentleness takes time and dedication.  It doesn’t happen over night, although some may think so.  If you know where someone’s deepest sadness lays you can throw out a safety net just in time to change their course and catch them when they start to fall.  Helping by becoming a beacon of light can be refreshing.  Knowing true contentment is gratifying and keeps your soul at peace.  It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with reality and knowing one’s inner most self.

“Pave the way with light & abandon darkness”

Being a like-minded soul can develop everlasting friendships where you learn and teach in synchronicity.  You cannot grow if you mimic another.  You must put forth your own voice and be seen for being you.

“Keep your destiny in tact”

Embrace your inner most self and don’t force it.  Fairytales aren’t real.

Breathe me

Breathe oxygen.

Violet Flame Psychedelic
Violet Flame Psychedelic




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**

Revelations and Reflections – Quintessential Truth #4

DSCF2089“Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you.”

This past weekend has brought about many reflections and I’ve come to realize that a lot of things just don’t matter and have no place in my life any longer.  Last night I decided to delete 34 pieces of my posted and shared written work.   Most of the pieces were trivial and insignificant, therefore, why keep them at all.  I’ve left my mark.  I can save the space on my Word Press for better and newer things.  Besides there are 164 pieces still left to peruse over any time for those who wish.

I will always be learning and growing because there are so may infinite possibilities in life.  What was deleted no longer has any meaning.  They just had no place where I am or where I’m going.

I realized through my own children that some people will pretend to care so that they will have a front row seat to my struggles and if you write out your emotions all you carry out is providing those spectators their entertainment and gossip topic of the day. If you take the driver’s seat you lead your own journey and if I have one of those days where I must unleash the flying monkeys, I can find a new avenue to do so and no one is the wiser.  There will always be people who don’t like me or don’t get me and I will always not give a fuck about those types of people.  I will divert my time to more things that matter.

I’ve raised worldly and smart kids who pointed these things out to me this weekend; well shit they really have paid attention to me when I talked to them so it’s my turn for them to educate me on a few things after all it is only fair. They are kind and caring and like me, and like me they take no shit and also know when using one’s own silence is a golden opportunity to regroup.

“Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness is separate.”

by Eckhart Tolle



SELENOPHILIA (N) Loving the moon and finding it soothingly captivating.

When you look at the night sky what do you see?

I see calm and peaceful serenity

I see reflection time

time for me

a peaceful time to let my mind be free.

A realization, of how much of my time is spent on Social Media for others, it’s far too much.  It took my kids to point it out and voice their opinions for me to see it.  Family is far more important and some of that spent time has caused me more stressful situations and attacks to my health that really aren’t needed.  My health has deteriorated at a rapid pace in the past 6 months and currently the doctor doesn’t know why and keep sending me for test after test.   There are days where I can’t walk, I experience dizziness and loss of balance, memory loss, confusion, blurred vision amongst other things to embarrassing to talk about.

I have decided to cut back from it quite a bit.  There is more to life than being cooped up in front of a computer just to see what’s going on.  The more time spent away from it the more relaxed one becomes and the feeling of comfort is gratifying.  There is no pressure and less stressors to set one-off.   I will be lessening my presence via Twitter and have closed all other accounts except my FB Page and Google+ page, I’m going to be a bit selfish for my health and welfare until I can sort out what the hell is going on with my health.  I will still share and retweet but it’s not going to consume me like it has for the past two years.  The need for more fresh air and sunlight and relaxation is greater than the need to make my presence known.  I’ve spent too much time in darkness and need to enjoy the sun, walk in the rain and let the droplets hit my face and wake me up.  You won’t be seeing me around on weekends any more.  The weekends are for my family time and by that I mean my immediate true blood  family, the ones I live with, the children I gave birth to and my beautiful grandbabies.  Life is too short, I am 46 and in poor health.  I want to thrive on every moment I have left with them and not miss a single day.

My girls, Carissa Marie and Caylie Annalise

Before you know it time has passed you by and once it has you can’t get it back.  It’s time to savour life and embrace what matters, shelve what doesn’t, live in the moment and find yourself.

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who walked into our life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.”

Lately there are only a small handful that have fulfilled this venture, the rest have just managed to suck life right out of me over a two-year period in one way or another and I’m not willing to let it happen any longer.  I’ve been angry and frustrated for so long with no resolve on some things and no reason on others, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to smile and smiling is so very important to me.

I do cherish the true friendships I’ve forged and always will.  I will be there for those people, they know who they are without my making a list of names public and I am forever grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for me.  I will always return the favour to you, my dear ones.  I’ve learned to take things in stride and that my silence is golden and my energies are directed where they are needed to be.


My Sister and My kids and me, we know how to have fun and just be silly.
My Sister and My kids and me, we know how to have fun and just be silly.

Remember when we were young and had no cares in the world.  We ran around pretending to be super heroes who were saving the world.  Now as adults we sit and watch the world deteriorate around us on the news.  How times change and we quickly forget about our youth and become clouded.  On June 19th, 2015, the night before my only son as to marry I was trying to piece together where the last 27 years have gone.  Yes, I said 27 years, I’m shocked to.  It seems like only yesterday he was placed in my arms, my first-born and only son, my Christopher Michael.  All ten pounds of him, that’s an eye opener right there.

My Christopher
My Christopher

It was an epic and emotional weekend but one hell of a good ride.  It woke me up, showed me how my kids have grown up.

My kids
My kids

The drive up to the Deerhurst Resort was beautiful.  It took us 2 1/2 hours but this time I wasn’t the driver, this time I rode shotgun.  The world of travel is very different from this side of the car.  I was gobsmacked when we hit the country roads.  So many rock formations along the route, right in my province no less, mere feet from my front door.  I grabbed my phone and started taking picture after picture.  Miles of Fir and Evergreen trees, so tall and brilliantly green in the blue sky, what a refreshing change of scenery without a doubt, thank you Goddess for such beautiful intoxicating nature.  When we arrived and checked in it wasn’t five minutes and my son dropped into our room with my grandbabies.  I’d forgotten how stressful weddings can be and with children in tow, one might as well have a Valium drip running 24/7.

My grandson, Brayden, who is all of three years old and is wound like a spin top in the energy group, decided it would be a great idea to get soaking wet and covered in sand.  This reminded me to remember to just be free and have fun.  It was such a joy to watch him laughing and splashing in the water.

My Grandson

This is what matters to me, not virtual presence and pats on the back.

When my time comes I want to be able to say that I lived to the fullest and enjoyed everything.  I plan to take it all in one day at a time and embrace it fully.

I don’t need to be only known as a part of any particular group for validation.  I have my integrity and my versatility.  This matters more than anything.  I can stand on my own two feet and be proud of who I am, your approval is neither desired nor required for me to find happiness.

The judgemental will always judge and the strong always stand tall.  Put simply I will traverse life’s journey as it comes.  I’m not afraid to forge my footpath and travel outside what is the norm.

Take me as I am or don’t take me at all.


The little things, well they don’t really matter any more.

A True Angel, Quintessence,

I will Always be,

I need not approval to validate me

I stepped outdoors and took it all in

This is where all the bullshit ends and where I truly begin.


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


As I sit here, I can’t remember why I sat here in the first place.

Now, I’m not even sure I’m sitting here or just dreaming of sitting here.

Someone in a white coat enters my room, at least I think it’s my room, I’m in it, so it must be mine.

He’s saying some about the progression being varied.  they want to do  advanced brain imaging, clinical examinations and diagnostic testing, I wonder if they mean on me.

I’m struggling to think, to remember.

For a long time I would go to bed early, now I seem to live in a bed.  When did I move to this location.  How did I become so alone.

I had a family, where did they go.  Why aren’t they here with me.

My reasoning has become faulty

My communication skills are gone.

Time and place don’t make sense.

My legs give out from underneath me .

I’ve lost the ability to care.

I no longer know what is safe.

Hallucinations, paranoia create agitation.

“What day is this?”

“Why am I here, is this my room?”

“No, I can’t do what you ask, I don’t want to , get out!!!”

“What day is this?”

“Mom, it’s me, your daughter”

“No, get out, I have no daughter”

“What day is this?”

Dear Diary;

The inevitable changes of again are both humbling and surprising.  I know I’m not a child, my skin has wrinkles, hair is thinning and fading, my body is chilled.  My working memory is going, today I remember, tomorrow I will forget.  I write this while lucid, trying to keep my brainpower active some how.

“Light’s out”


“What day is this?”

“Why am I here?”

Doctor:  The speed of learning slows down, her short-term memory is taking longer to function.

Daughter:  Can she recover from this?

Doctor:  She now requires  greater need for hints to jog her memory.  Soon that won’t be enough.  Her ability between distinguishing fact from fiction will only worsen.  had we caught it sooner, there would have een a greater chance of recovery.

Dear Diary;

They talk like I’m not here.  My healthy brain,this miraculous machine inside my skull has started to malfunction.  The prospect of literally losing one’s self is traumatic.  In this lucid moment I think what would Kurt Vonnegut say…..

“What should young people do with their lives today?  Many things obviously.  But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible diseases of loneliness can be cured.”

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion.  I, myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”


“Lights Out”


“What days is this?”

“Why am I here?”


Because dementia and it’s symptoms can be caused by any number of conditions, obtaining an correct diagnosis is critical for management and treatment.  The sooner you address the problem, the better, so make an appointment with your doctor right away if you suspect you may have any issues.


Use this questionnaire to test whether a person’s memory loss needs further assessment.

1. Does your loved one have memory loss? Yes No
2. If yes, is his or her memory worse than a few years ago? Yes No
3. Does your loved one repeat questions, statements, or stories in the same day? (2 points) Yes No
4. Have you had to take over tracking events or appointments, or does your loved one forget appointments? Yes No
5. Does your loved one misplace items more than once per month, or so that he or she can’t find them? Yes No
6. Does your loved one suspect others of hiding or stealing items when he or she cannot find them? Yes No
7. Does your loved one often have trouble knowing the day, date, month, year, or time, or check the date more than once a day? (2 points) Yes No
8. Does your loved one become disoriented in unfamiliar places? Yes No
9. Does your loved one become more confused outside the home or when traveling? Yes No
Functional Ability (excluding physical limitations)
10. Does your loved one have trouble handling money (tips, calculating change)? Yes No
11. Does your loved one have trouble paying bills or doing finances? (2 points) Yes No
12. Does your loved one have trouble remembering to take medicines or tracking medications taken? Yes No
13. Does your loved one have difficulty driving or are you concerned about him or her driving? Yes No
14. Is your loved one having trouble using appliances (e.g. microwave, oven, stove, remote control, telephone, alarm clock)? Yes No
15. Does your loved one have difficulty completing home repair or other home-related tasks, such as housekeeping? Yes No
16. Has your loved one given up or significantly cut back on hobbies such as golf, dancing, exercise, or crafts? Yes No
Visuospatial Ability
17. Does your loved one get lost in familiar surroundings, such as their own neighborhood? (2 points) Yes No
18. Does he or she have a decreased sense of direction? Yes No
19. Does your loved one have trouble finding words other than names? Yes No
20. Does your loved one confuse names of family members or friends? (2 points) Yes No
21. Does your loved one have trouble recognizing familiar people? (2 points) Yes No


Interpreting the score:

  • 0 to 4: No cause for concern
  • 5 to 14: Memory loss may be MCI, an early warning of Alzheimer’s
  • 15 and above: Alzheimer’s may have already developed

This questionnaire is not intended to replace professional diagnosis.

Source: BMC Geriatrics


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**

Another Sleepless Night


Another day done, it’s late, yawning like mad.  Although frustrated and depressed I do my usual bedtime routine and finally put my head on my pillow for a hopeful dreamless nights rest.

Guess Again…….

I toss and turn, blankets on , blankets off, pillow under one knee then both, side – back and  side again, now it’s close to three hours of this shit even though I’m tired as hell my brain decides, yet once again, it does not want to shut down.  No matter how hard I try to relax and put everything out of my mind, it just seems to keep on ticking like a bloody Timex watch.  I swear if the energizer bunny starts parading around my room with his big drum I will not be held responsible for beating him to pieces with my baseball bat.  I sit up look at my bedroom door waiting for him to burst in, as a good pummeling on him will release a lot of anxiety and probably bring on the restful sleep I need after said deed is done.


1..2..3.. nothing,damn.  No little cute fluffy Serta sheep either…..What the hell; I hear they talk, at least I could share a few lame jokes and some conversation until I got bored enough to pass out, right?

Shafted Again…..


Thanks brain, you know your hyper drive sensibility would come in handy for things like coming up with excuses to get out of Jury duty, or ways to convince me that laundry, if left long enough, will move itself to someone else’s house piece by piece over time or even convince me that the dog will walk himself if I give him his own house-key and the garbage will take itself to the bin for pick-up.  I heard it’s easy like that instead of keeping me up for days on end.  Any hoots brain, I must be getting to you because you are starting to throb inside my skullcap.

Nice, now I have Frustration, Depression, insomnia and a headache.  So I get back up again grab my wears for tomorrow to save a trip up two flights of stairs, make my side of the bed and head back down to the living-room to camp out on the couch for the remainder.

What to watch, well, my PVR is 68% full of recorded shows so I’ve got choices — Ghost Adventures Marathon it is.  Brain racing like Hammy Hamster on steroids running his wheel off its pivot points, skull has now formed its own pulse, eyes blurry. What the hell, let’s write about our little insomniac adventure, in the dark, no less, the only light is what is coming from the 60″ TV screen.  This should be fun.  Grab a Dr. Pepper from the fridge, cause I’m a pepper to, light a smoke, off we go.

Great, now that I’ve been sitting here, bent forward writing this in my composition book,while straddling the ottoman, my positioning has now given me a sore tail-bone and pins and needles in both my legs.  Is this shit really happening.  Oh, and the cable box has now decided to shut down for a reboot right in the middle of a good episode of GA.  Fuck sakes, get up, walk around now my ass-cheeks hurt.  It’s now five in the morning.  Normally I would read but I can’t when I have a headache, won’t let me concentrate.  I’m not even sure how I’m writing all this right now.  Guzzle some Dr. Pepper and let out a womanly man-belch, stretch arms up over head and hear, Snap-Crakcle and Pop, who invited those little creatures in here at this hour?  It’s far to early for breakfast cereal.  The dog has taken up the corner of the sectional and is on his back with all fours in the air showing of his tiny man-basket, sound asleep.  How polite of him to go commando this evening.

images (1)

At some point the Sandman is going to show up, the little prick, he can’t avoid me forever.  He’s obviously changed his route, again. I so loath it when he does that without advance notice.   Hopefully he will get here soon or I may be forced to entertain myself and wear a couch cushion as a cowboy hat and pretend the ottoman is a bucking bronco and ride it round the living-room, although my neighbours may think someone is being murdered over here due to the noise it would generate.

You know at this point I’m way over tired and nothing makes sense.

Rosie the prostitute just rode up on her tricycle and asked if I wanted a date.  I’m thinking, you know she’ll look pretty good all bent out of shape with that tricycle as a bow around her mangled torso.  Oh, my bad, it was just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen and watching roll across the floor towards me and annoying the shit out of me.

Clearly, you can now see that a form of fatigued delirium is nesting into my grey matter which means, aw yes, here he is, only six hours late, the Sandman is presently trying to climb in through  the living-room window.  I should have left some of my snap – crackle and pop underneath the sill for him to step on for shits and giggles but at this point I’m done, no more gas in the tank.

Time to let the dream-scape come and take me away.

He ripped me off, little fuck.  The Sandman left icing sugar instead of sleep dust and now my eyes are caked, itchy and as itchy as the Tasmanian Devil whirling wildly through a massive cluster of multiple biting mosquitos .  Well that is just freaking great!

Seven am Wednesday morning, it is Wednesday, right?

I try the Nature Sounds channel, peaceful sounds to lull me off to slumber…. no dice.  Hubby is up for work, the dog just woke up and gang-tackled me to be let out for his morning office meeting and the kid is up, music pounding, as she gets ready for school.  Can teenagers not get ready for school without a plethora of bass pounding into their ear-holes loud enough for the neighbours in the next town to hear.  Hmm, plethora, there is a word and  a half, at some point I will google it to see what it actually means, right now it just sounds good.  PPPLLLEETH-oooorrraaaa…

Where was I?

Sorry, are you still here with me?

Yeah, that happens in my current state.  It’s kind of like giving a kids a toy to play with and then waving a chocolate cupcake in front of their eyes.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MINE!!!

Looks around the room, sighs, sees cellphone sitting on the arm of the couch.

Fuck it, grabs phone to check out what’s doing……

*ding goes  chat notification*

Good Morning, very little sleep over here!!!

It’s morning but not good . haven’t slept at all since day before yesterday


And the conversation with my saving grace, my sister from another mother.  We chitty chat chatted til 9:32 am.  She worked her magic and pulled me out of my funk and made me “smile” lots, and not just smile, ear to ear grins and some laughter and a few snorts.  I won’t name her, but she knows who she is.  Right there, when I needed someone the most to yank my ass out of the darkness,  she knew and she was there.  There never has been quite a soul like her ever in my life.  I adore her completely.  She is the Real Deal.

Although it  is 1:26 in the afternoon and I still have not had any sleep what-so-ever, I feel completely energetic just from that one conversation and started my day off with a positive outlook.  I still do not feel tired and as I type this I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the one Guardian Angel, who stepped from shadows into my withering light and gave me hope.  This I shall never ever forget.

Always There

Lately, you are there when I am Depressed

or when I am Frustrated

you are there when I am ready to give it all up

to make my clock stop

or when I am Tormented

you are there when I need Balance

you are always so fair

always there

when I need you

you just know

you just show up

out of the blue

that is why

I forever thank  you!!

My friend, My sister at arms.


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

Caged, Set Yourself Free by Quintessence


Writers live many lives, become many characters and occasionally, have conversations with themselves until the wee hours of dawn.

During creative times writers sometimes look for and need encouragement. But there are some who, while they think are providing encouragement, actually try to cage the writer and guide them to write things they aren’t comfortable with.  I’ve seen this happen to many a fellow writer.  It’s a sad fact, it happens and for whatever reason these so-called guides become controllers and cause the writer un-do stress and the writer can become unsure of themselves, question their own work or even give up writing altogether.

These types of “guides” are not doing the writer any favours by burrowing inside the writers grey matter and manipulating them.  Things like this are done out of jealousy, control and spite.  It is purely a cruel act, especially when one becomes part of a group of writers.  Never should one be told that they are to only exclusively writing “for the group”.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you this, nor should you ever let anyone tell you what to write about or how to write it.  Allowing others to control your flow does not allow the natural creative flow of your quill come from within you.

Know that you are a free spirit and what you produce is beautiful if it pleases you.  If you are happy with what you produce then you are set free from the confines of the cage they try to keep you in.  Allowing natural flow provides you freedom and in some cases healing.

Not everyone writes to become rich and famous.  Many of us write as a form of self-therapy and through our own bravery decided to share via Social Media.  Thus connections are formed.  Touch just one soul with any piece of your work and the rewards are endless.

When you allow others to manipulate what you are writing, the style you are writing it in and how you present it, you lose a part of yourself and you lose free flow in your own creative senses.  Let your writing come from within your soul.  It’s a beautiful thing and there are many of us out there who are perfectly willing to read and share your work as you present it to the world.  Free of the cage, free of restraints, free of scrutiny and free of the sordid bullshit some would try to pull on you.

I’ve seen some pretty manipulative folk in my forty-six years and one thing I know with all certainty is that a leopard will never change its spots. Once they show their true colours you see them for who and what they truly are; liars, fakes, bullies, jealous beings, who want to ruin you if you don’t conform to their ways.  These types of people are always miserable, always talking shit behind others backs, moving from person to person spreading rumours and causing unnecessary fights amongst the ranks.  just remember if they are talking to you about others then they are talking to others about you in the same manner. This is not supportive at all, just a group of wickedness, unhappiness, ruthlessness and destruction that they cage themselves in, thus having to pull others into the hell of their existence and unhappiness so they can feel their own self-worth.

Surround yourself with like-minded people as yourself.  

Look for happiness not misery.

Seek supportiveness and kindness, not bossiness, hostility or negativity.

Most importantly – Write for yourself and not to please someone else.

If you feel it, write it

Set Yourself Free.


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


Rectitude by Quintessence



My moral compass is in tact

I’m a strong woman

There’s no doubt about that.



will I strip my uprightness

Honesty and good character

heightens my brightness



are solid upholding my gravity

My virtue is gold

there’s no path for depravity



is what I’m about

My dignity’s intact

Nobility vigorous

I’ll never sell out

images (1)

I chose

to live

an honorary life

My significance


I don’t live

in  strife


I strive

for morality

The magnitude


the Quintessence




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


Forever Thankful by Quintessence


Do you ever have  one of those days you are just so full of hope and happiness that you don’t know where to start your thank you list?

I am thankful for so many things like the birth of my children and grandchildren, my loving husband and my supportive internet family.

Internet Family, now there is a long list of thank yous to be given.  In the past three years there have been an avalanche of supportive and encouraging people I have come to know on many levels. Through writing, chatting, sharing and watching interactions and getting involved.

I see others, once broken, flourishing at abundant rates and I well with warmth and happiness from inside.  Smiles are a permanent fixture and each day when I log on I know I will see a glorious flow of happiness, positivity and ongoing support.

There are some tremendously brave warriors facing battles with illnesses and recoveries from treatments but through all their pain and suffering they still make time to lend love, encouragement and support to others.  These acts of pure unselfish love are amazing to see.  They give us all with hope.  Reasons to keep going, keep moving forward, to never give up on ourselves.  Casting no judgements.  Calling no names of negativity but sharing names of loving endearment.

This is what I am thankful for.  Seeing everyone pull together in times of need. 

I am thankful for all of you, who show love, encouragement and support me through it all.

Thank you for being you, being real, being true.






Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


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A Letter to the Stalking Trolls


You know I have to sit and literally laugh my ass of sometimes.

So, I recently found out that I have a couple of stalkers and trolls who, for whatever reason feel the undying need to spy on me from the shadows under a few different names and see how I manage to be one of the positive influencers through social media and gain popularity along with my peeps and peers.  They are dying to know who I socialize with who is in my inner circle.  What business dealings I have going on and how I’m doing it.

I am baffled…and histaricaly laughing on a regular basis. It doesn’t anger me in the least that they spend so much of their waking hours to the point of exhaustion on little old me and my friends.  Getting all flustered and angry and having tantrums with their inner circle, small though it may be.  I’m truly laughing while typing this cause this shit is funny as hell.

You see it’s like this folks, just be satisfied with what you are doing in your own little spot in the world. Don’t concern yourselves with what Jane and John Doe are doing.  So what, they’ve got it going on.  Maybe you trolls don’t and that is what drives you into the trolling business.  Are you really that miserable with yourselves?   Does your life really suck that much?  Are you ignoring your own off-spring and significant other just so you can sit at your computer for endless unproductive hours in a day?

Maybe someone should create a Trolls-R-Us Intervention on you before you wind up in the psychiatric hospital for wayward trolls.  I mean trying to fit a troll in a straight-jacket is going to be rather difficult and how would you type then?  Doctor Snotehmheizer would have to come and check on you hourly to make sure you haven’t hung yourself with your bed linens.   Then pump you full of glow in the dark medicines just for fun.  OH, as a matter of fact, here comes the Doctor now with your bedtime story…..

Your dismal abyss is a very dark place

and you’re so lost you can’t even feel it.

You drive yourself mad to the point of collapse

The rest of us don’t even see it.

We carry along with a smile on our faces

while you moan and groan in your very own feces.

What a sad little soul is the life of a troll

no one cares you even exist.

You couldn’t fight your way out of brightly lit room

with a map and a tour guide to show you.

We all sit here laughing in high happy gloom

while you sit in room gnawing your fist.

We’ll type up a storm and continue our norm

While you troll the websites for your next internet tryst.

We point and we laugh as you snarl and you spit

and wallow around in your own pile of shit.

We thank you

We truly do

For knowing we have seeped under your skin

without doing a thing

It’s quite an empowering feeling

knowing we sanction your insanity commissions

The undertaking is rather appealing.



Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013


The Body Beautiful

Beautiful Animal Body Painting by Gesine Marwedel
Beautiful Animal Body Painting by Gesine Marwedel

The body beautiful

unique and individual

unstoppable and secure

when comfortable

shy and awkward

hidden when insecure

afraid and self-conscious

when unsure.

John Poppleton, Trav'Lin Lights
John Poppleton, Trav’Lin Lights

The body beautiful

surprisingly similar

the sexes are homogeneous

simple yet

distinctly individual

pure yet unexplored

stark naked

lunar glow familiar.

The Blue Dawn
The Blue Dawn

The body beautiful

softness untraveled

curves and contours uncharted

dimples and fine hairs unknown

scars of life’s journeys

embedded and kept quiet.

by John Poppleton
by John Poppleton

Awakened by one so true

guided by one another

explored through and through

an open channel

stepping boldly

continuing forward

toward completion

of self-awareness.

The body beautiful

naked and bare

unclothed, stripped and uncovered

exposed and unguarded

vulnerable and helpless

open to discover.


The body beautiful

it’s yours

your shell

your pelt

your skin

you are alive within

The body beautiful. Fashion Cycle – Artist – Karol Bak
Fashion Cycle – Artist – Karol Bak


John Poppleton, from California, creates mindblowing works of art painted directly onto human skin
John Poppleton, from California, creates mindblowing works of art painted directly onto human skin Visit Poppleton Portraits on Facebook
Visit Poppleton Portraits on Facebook


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

I, Quintessence



my creation

with each journey


become stronger,

less damned


I conform to no one

but myself

I could have been

just as easily

molded from others

lost in my identity

A personification

of indifference.

A representation,

an embodiment

or incarnation

of a normal soul

born in Crimson 

am not mediocrity

I, Quintessence

 embody a true reality

I am ostensible

I exist,

 I am genuine

no pretense

I am a pure breed

I am not diluted

I am absolute.



like the tides

it is of my act

of determination

driven by obstacles

launched in my path

I have my reasons

for quite times 

for the changes

they bring within me.

My Strength

while it intensifies


 chooses my battles.


stand fast

in a firm belief

that if you

have earned

a place in my life,

you shall stay

your actions

will be justly rewarded

or punished

according to your deeds.



Await you.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014



eeb02frozen artwork macro eye tear it dripping eyelashes

When life deals a blow

and we want to recoil

there is a distant glow

that helps us through.

The simple stretch out of a hand

to guide us along

let us know it’s alright

and we’re not really as alone as we think we are.


One simple touch

the brush of a cheek

to let someone know

we’re there, alongside them.

Not the physical sense that most would think

but the positive reinforcement of light and healing energy to pull us from dark places

let us know that the journey and turmoil we face

is not all that there is at the moments such blows are dealt.

there is an invisible protective barrier that no one can get through

this is the inner being you know is the true you.

Fighting so hard against the pain

knowing to reach out and find your balance again.

Some of know us how to read a cry out for help

and there we stand, arms out, giving positive words

to build you back up again.

artist unknown
artist unknown

Your pain is felt down to the inner core

but can remind you what your purpose is for.

Help you find ways to trudge past the wastelands

the hurtful words thrown at you despite your best defenses

for the odd one that breaks through and leaves the slightest bruise on your soul

we’ve got the first aid kit to help you regain control.

Oh sure, they will try to dig in their heels

scramble your brain like a pit full of eels

but remember one thing they can’t take from you

your purest soul’s energies

that make you the real you.

Many people may not see your pain

but small rays of sunshine help dry up your rain.

Lift you up, dust you off

let you know it’s alright to fall

but won’t allow you hide back in the corner of the wall.

artist unknown
artist unknown

We remind you that part of that wall has come down

so don’t build it up again

or wear that old frown.

A small hurt has pain but only for a short time.

Take a deep breath and remember one thing

they don’t own your soul

you don’t owe them the art of falling backwards

keep moving forwards

the way that you planned it.


We are your band-aid

your reminder of truth.

You’re surrounded by brightness

that lights your path

help is always there

just remember to ask.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

I’m a Grenade

Delicious Illustration by Mike Mitchell
Delicious Illustration by Mike Mitchell

My body

a broken temple

My soul

a battered mess

Inside me lies a grenade

that will cause you undo stress.

Most can not handle

a broken life force

such as this;

as it requires much more patience

that one is willing to invest.

Chronic pain and physical weakness

crush one to the bone,

barely wanting to get out of bed,

 may as well live alone.

Something’s always hurting

pain intensely burning

every muscle and joint I own.

 Linzi Lynn 'Windswept'
Linzi Lynn ‘Windswept’

Today my jaw

Tomorrow my back

my legs

my arms

my neck

my head

My hands are burning 

each time I type.

My stomach aches from all the meds I take

my body, it tremors,

with every step I make.

Tears, I shed

each night in bed

before I close my eyes.

A pillow tucked between my legs

helps stop the muscle spasms 

in both my thighs.




I’ve become;

I tell you not my pain.

Feeling like a grey cloud

on your bright and sunny day.

I suffer so in silence

cause no one understands

the battle that I go through

every day when I try to stand.

All I ever wanted 

was to live a normal life.

I never asked for this body

that I was granted at my birth.

I know my inner strength now

will hold me to my worth.

I haven’t given up yet

I’m not ready to say that my illness has won.

Tomorrow I will awaken

and know I have reason to continue on.

I shout into the void

I scream into the night

Give me strength

Give me will

Guide me with your light.

My goddess will surround me

Healing energy will be my guide

and keep away all that is negative

so I may continue my fight to survive.

I am a blooming flower

A petal upon the wind

my colors will glow like fire’s light

my essence will show the good fight;

the strength I hold within.

Forest painting - The Rose Tree
Forest painting – The Rose Tree


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014


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