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Peel by Quintessence Also Featuring a video by Jehuniko


The outer protective layer

dances on the silk beneath

A powerful aphrodisiac

Anxious at what is inside

Patience and teasing

quite thrilling

If done right


Crazy driven


take the lead

delectably sinful

slowly, pull her head back

bite her neck gently

sensually, whisper


glide over her skin

lift her top

kiss her breasts

around her nipples

Lay her down on her back

unfasten her pants with your teeth

easy does it, slowly now


glide them off

Ever so gently run your index and middle fingers underneath her panties

all the way to her core

Smile at her

Stare into her eyes

back away a bit


The rest, well now, that is up to your imagination isn’t it.

Peel Away.

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Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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Quietus by Quintessence


It’s real, its present

the danger we feel

murderous intent

looms with all fears.

It may not speak

It does not feel

every ounce of pure evil

life does it steal.


Medieval its origin

Death is its name

formula unknown

unable to tame.


Removal of life

at rest it is not

one life to live

is all we have got.


It’s coming for you

you don’t have a choice

discharge or release

it’s the finishing voice.



Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015




Storm Affect



Internal surges

Anger and frustration

can drive us mad at times

It is what we do with them

that makes all the difference

In the storm affect our emotions kick into overdrive

giving us complete feelings

of being lost




physical pain

Let them take over

you will watch yourself drain

Grab hold of them

harness them

become stronger than ever

Don’t let yourself wallow

making you hollow

Reach out


let it all out

Clouds come and go

they are always in motion

Tides in and out

like waves in the ocean

when they get close

you feel crowded


don’t feel like talking

but it’s okay

to have feelings like this

you’re not alone

in this mind-spinning twist

Reach out and touch

one soul just like you

and get through the storm

feeling brand new

The whole idea is not to ignore it

but fight against it

learn how to grab hold

there’s no shame in admitting

you need help to unfold

your inner emotions

so they don’t take control

Let go of the anger

you feel deep inside

Release it

take a breath of fresh air

realize there is someone

to show you they care

don’t sulk

don’t hide

don’t lock yourself away

Let the world know you’re here

and you’re here to stay

The storm has blown over

Today’s a new day.
I, CRIMSON QUINESSENCE (artist unknown)
(artist unknown)
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

Thorn Infliction































completion art by Stand Alone art by Stand Alone


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014



Gentle music plays in a candle-lit room

heated love, glimmer inside ocular orbs

desired touch

sprawled across her bed, fantasy filling her mind

closer to revealing her silk.

Fingers gliding from one thigh to the other

moaning beneath a cascade of soft sheets

euphoric pleasure awaits the touch of her center

the gentleness of her own hand

it seems beautiful and erogenous.

White lace, clinging to beads of sweat upon her breast

running fingers through her hair, down her cheek, touching her lips

flickering candle light

she bites her lower lip.

He slides in beside her removing the sheets

filled glasses of champagne and strawberries

the gentle crackle of the fireplace

flames dancing in the moon lit night sky.

He palms an ice-cube and gently drapes over her

undresses her carefully, kissing her neck, her collar-bone, each ample breast.

Behind his kisses, he glides the ice over her silk.

She arches her back as his hand travels between her stems, followed by his mouth.

As the ice melts in soft whispers and moans,

he tastes her fruits.

Hands now in each others, bodies touching,

silent eyes full of love.

He enters inside her,

his dreams desire, melodies of love.

He breathes in her fragrant essence,

sensual movements.

Kisses of passion,

rhythmic motion,

erotic explosion,

orgasmic synchronicity.

Behold love in eyes of purity

Painting forever in silk simplicity.


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014



My strings, they are fastened to each of my tiny wrists

I dance and I turn and they twist and they twist

Pulling me, pushing me, spinning me around

A crumpled up mess as I then hit the ground.

Back again, up again

dance puppet dance

know you control me , I don’t stand a chance

you show no emotion and I show you no soul

but I never worry about growing old.


You may twist me and turn me and spin me about

but a hell-storm is coming once I get loose

I’ll be taking my strings and fashioning your noose.

I’ll wait until you slumber and slip it round your neck

I’ll fasten it securely and hang you from the deck.

You really should have thought this toy choice through more clearly.

Next time be very careful of the play things that you chose

You’ll always be regretting the day you’re Marionette got loose.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

Once Upon her Death


Black is the night though death will become her.  Crawling through darkness, finding a way to get to her feet through the aid of a nearby tree, she stammered with legs of fragility to try to make passage out of the woods back to the light of the pathway, seeking help from any passers-by.  She scrambled heavily down the near-by embankment.  The rain came down heavily causing dried hills to become pool of thick mud and swelling drifts………

This is the journey of what would become of her splendid beauty.

Isabel Cassy was a striking brunette and stood all of 5 foot 6 inches tall.  She was shy upon first meeting her but over time her playfulness and splendor shone like rays of the sun.

Capricious daughter of quasi plagued merciless descendants, she was dainty in her illustrious days.  Of late her gleam became hindrance; she loathed who they had made her.  Her inner being had become worn and sheltered away from wanting to feel any type of emotion human kind could experience.  She chose the darkness of night over warm rays of sunlight and wandered alone through the shadows of the moon.

On this particular rain filled night she felt a need for some passionless fornication.  To cut free from the ties that bound her and made her feel so unwanted and unloved.

She met him in an enraptured metrical back-beat tavern.  He was an erotic darkness that beckoned her yearning.  She’d been asphyxiating in a passionless union for longer than she’d care to recall, he was all to enticing for her to pass up.  She’d ordered several drinks and was feeling pretty good.

Jonathon Wadham was 6 foot tall with jet black hair and an incredibly muscular build.  He came from the poor squalor side of the village and barely made eye contact with any other who dwelled within.

No utterance amidst them only an epitome of elegance from her sheer exquisiteness and an intrigue of his handsomeness created a seductive enchantment that she could not turn away from.

He approached her with a dead hunger in his eyes she could not turn away from.  She did not move, only gave back the same dead hungered stare to him.  He took her hand and spoke not a word, pulled her close, one hand around her waist, the other on her left side of her neck with his thumb on her jaw line.  It was the longest stare in examination of the eyes anyone had ever known.

What either was searching for must have been clear as before she knew it they were in the darkest corner of this establishment exploring each others touch, running thirsted lips across each facial and neck contour. For a man so strong he lightly licked and bit her collar-bone, running his tongue up her neck to her earlobe.  She quivered with delight and took her right hand and ran it down his chest, across his naval and down his inner thigh and slowly back up again stopping for only a moment at his now swollen throbbing heated love missile. She seductively traced the outline of it with her index finger rounded the tip and down the other side, back up again and back across his naval.  She lightly tugged down the collar of his shirt and ran her tongue across his collar-bone, up the side his neck where she stopped to suck, first lightly then a little harder.  He let out a moan and ran his hand down her firm buttox cheek and squeezed pulling her into his stiffness.  With his other hand he lifted her leg and pressed himself against her and kissed her deeply using his tongue as a lasso pulling her in deeper and deeper.  She lifted her leg higher and pressed herself back into him feeling his swelling and his heat.  She wanted him inside her.  He ran his hand up under her skirt and slipped a digit inside her wet passage and she let out a moan of her own and pushed herself into him so that his digit went deeper inside her.  The kissed even deeper, stronger.  Their breathing became labored and intense.  She glided her hand across his naval and took hold of his heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love squeezed a little and stroked it running her fingers around the top and straight down to the underside providing a light massage to his testicles, then back up again.  The kissing became more heated and light biting ensued with wild tongues.  She unzipped his pants and released his flesh tower from its garment confine as he spun her round and pushed her up against the wall.  Using his own hand he held himself and teased her wet quim with it.  Rubbing and pressing adding a digit here and there.  Before she could take a breath in he thrust himself inside her with burning fiery passion and each thrust took him deeper and deeper inside.  He lifted her up so that both her legs were around him and he pressed her up against the wall and thrust himself deeper and harder.

 She dug her nails into his back and bit into his chest sucking hard as she pulled back.  She thrust her hips wildly and used his shoulders for leverage.  Together the rhythm was synonymous until both reached climax and pushed and pulsed so tight it was almost impossible to breathe.  In those moments she lost herself, forgot who she was and she loved l it.

 In the moments after the kissing was heavy, even while the tucked themselves back to their prospective proper dress and tried to straighten out the wrinkles and fix out-of-place hair, never once letting go of each other.  He raised both her hands up over her head against the wall and pressed into her again kissing her deeply.  The only words spoken by him were done so now, shall we go outside for a walk and cool off?

As they departed the tavern she knew not what would become her eventual end.  They walked a while, then he stopped and turned to face her.  Before she became aware of her surroundings his hand was on her throat.  She struggled for a breath but it was futile.  His grip constricted her every chance of any air making it to her lungs.  Then she felt the wintry steel blade pierce her rib-cage several times and then come across her neck slicing deep.  Immediately she gasped for air.  The enormity of the cavernous openings the blade left spilled out a blanket of her life’s vital fluid on to the muddied soil.  The Monster had struck.  She was dying.

He’d gone, left her there for dead sure she would bleed out quickly.  She struggle to get up to her feet after being thrown to the ground like a rag-doll.  As she pulled every ounce of life and strength left in her she clambered upon an old railroad bed, long abandoned, broken and rusted.  As she tried to continue on, she stumbled to her knees.  Behind her the winds shrieked as they licked her now torn and battered torso.  Every now and again she thought she heard heavy footsteps behind her but when she turned and looked there was nothing to be seen, it was the wind’s mockery messing with her mind.  She managed to crawl to a nearby opening in the thickened wet brush and saw the pathway before her.

One hand touched the wet pavement and she collapsed completely.  The last blood spilled from her body, the last breath taken.  Her last thought was at least they will find my body, thank god it’s all over.

Death became her that night.

by Gillian A. Gibson

Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014

A Vampire’s Bite


Death in the nights sky

Lips pursed

Teeth revealed

Crimson drips

Hypnotic eyes

telling lies

drawing ever near

Will you

Won’t you

warning says don’t you

let him have your flesh

Tame you

Change you

Forever maim you

will he take your life

You gave in

and you let him win

he took from you all that mattered

now no more

runs through your core

your life-force has been spattered

all over walls

down all the halls

it flows and it drips away

You should have known better

than to write him the letter 

that led him into your own life

Humans take heed

know Vampires feed

and take off into the night.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014



She paid you a visit last night while you slept

She stoked your hair and kissed your neck and placed a gentle hand over your heart

You felt her whispers in your ear, always remember how adored and needed you forever will be

Never forget her embrace which found you when it was needed the most

The simplest of gestures that mattered in the darkest of moments when you were so battered

In dreams she is the sweetest scent that surrounds the air you breath

She brings a gentle smile to your face and puts a warmth in your heart.

One physical touch would seal the deal

Souls would mesh together and never would part

The longing that’s felt grows stronger each day when you feel that her essence will soon fade away

Reach back to the light before it is gone

Remember the soul’s food  to always live on.

Through radiance and love it will carry us through

to a peaceful existence for the coming years new.

For all who are Beloved to another, never forget what a real true soul’s light brings.

When fun and fantasy consume you always remember….

where were those playthings in your darkest hours.

How much of their souls would they be willing to give for another at any sacrifice to themselves…

Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

Through Her Looking Glass

light landscapes nature trees night stars forest scenic bright skyscapes 2525x1566 wallpaper_www.artwallpaperhi.com_94

Carmen was a woman of worth.  She loved to the point her heart bled.  Gave to the point of exhaustion.  Her splendor and beauty was not enough for some but she came to accept it.  She would not compromise who she was.  Her soul was beauty with a light that shone bright as the stars.

She had lived a rough life and had just come to accept she was stuck in a quandary that would never change.  Pain had become part of her every day life.  A wall of stone had built up over time which surrounded her.  It was safe inside here, no-one in and no-one out.  It was a perfect hiding place.  The perfect fortress of solitude.  Inside here none could see what ripped her apart.  She did not have to share, think or feel.

One night when she was feeling lost and alone a stranger who had been silently watching strode up beside while she sat on her favorite park bench staring at the nights sky.

May I sit, he said in the softest of voices.  Intrigued by the kindness and the pure alluring voice she allowed it.  Her curiosity was peaking inside her.  Why would such a stranger show any interest in her?  What did he want from her?  After all, they all want something, they always do.  First the appearance of GIVE; feed the soul what you think it wants, lure it in and dance around inside it, lick it, nurture it, make it feel joyous and fed.  Caress it and hold it close, as long as it does not speak anything but encouragement and love or have an opinion of its own.

Butterfly kisses and Floating Hearts.  Lost in a dream.

 Then, when the thought of contentment is in its existence comes the TAKE.  Pull everything you gave it away.  Ripped from the wave of time.  Gone in the night.  Nothing left but a whisper anything was ever there at all.  Vanished.  The only thing that remains is a slight breeze brushing past her long dress.

Remains of the days passed.

Tonight she decided to take a stroll, one she hadn’t been on in some time.  She’d not allowed herself to do so.  She’d given everything she could, she’d burst forth from her own chest and thrown forth every bit of essence she had to give.  But alas, it was not enough.  Rather than wallow she set forth on a journey.  Taking in the night’s air once again.  Learning how to breathe again.  It felt wonderful.  She met new friends along the way.  Conversational topics that moved and tickled her.  She found beauty in it.  Found delicious mind nuggets that fed and replenished her soul.  She found open hearts and open minds to soothe her battered soul.  They fed her well, gave her strength and told her there was always a place for her, that she will always be needed and loved.  She bathed in this out-pouring of love.  It was real, it was genuine, it was offered right there in front of her to take in and replenish herself.  Men and Women offering her comfort, compliments and love.  Feeding her soul.  Reminding her of her beauty, her sensuality, her honesty and devotion was now craved by others and this made her feel alive.  Some telling her how much she is wanted, desired and needed gave her an electrifying boost.  How much they could offer her if she only let them.  She would never be alone again.  Never left to feel insecure or unwanted.  Her sheer beauty and openness and honesty was loved, adored and wanted.  Her body a temple.  Her mind a whirlwind of adventure and hope.  

She slowly started to realize she was being held perpetually in one place, suffocating and alone.  Trapped in the abyss.  It was not good for her.  For lack of better description she needed to spread her wings and fly.  Visit lands of unknown origin.  Test waters of different times.  She reached deep down within her own essence and found purpose.  There are journeys yet to be had and lands yet to be discovered.  Never hold yourself in once place when you are not appreciated.  Never hold yourself back.  There is tons of love and devotion out there.  Feel it touch your skin.  Let it into your heart.  There are many lessons in life and you will always be in a continuous state of learning.  Take notes for they are of the up-most importance.  Know your worth.  Know your limitations and expectations and adjust and adapt   When one door closes another will open.  Never be afraid to walk through that open door.  You will never know what lies inside until you step over the threshold. 


Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013

Men, The other species

Women have come to figure that men are weird puzzles to solve.

First let me clarify.   I work with predominantly an all male crew of mostly retired men.  The stories they come up with at work leave me either laughing in hysterics or sitting there scratching my head going wtf just happened there.   Let me tell you there is no holds barred when they speak either.   I have damn near fallen out of my chair on more than one occasion.

They are always thinking weird things and doing even weirder things, right?

This leaves women in such awkward positions ad we end up trying to make wild guesses of what we need to do next to keep their attention and focus on us.

Guys seriously!  We don’t like guessing games, we get bored fast.

Tip:  Focus on the active life-form in front of you!!!   Oh what a novel idea.

Knock some sense into your ego.  The two of you should really sit down and have a chat about what it is you really want before your end game comes and life has passed you by completely.

Men tend to spend less time plotting the course of their lives in terms of relationships.


They simply aren’t in the same mental space as women with how much thought they put into each relationship they’ve had.

Women examine and compare, men don’t and yes it’s that simple.

For men to reach the point that a total committed relationship is what they desire and will work at  they must experience an intense emotional attraction that causes them to feel less alive when they are not with or in touch with the woman who provides this experience.  Hold an emptiness within when there’s no contact.

It takes a man half his life-span to figure this out while women know this in their twenties.




Honestly, I have no solid proof other than to tell you a lot of men I have known in their forties finally get it and are now living with a sack-full of regrets that they didn’t figure this out 20 years ago.  it’s a nice theory.  But in my life-span I have yet to fully physically see this to be true.  Words are great but after all the proof is in the pudding now isn’t it.

Time will tell and if it does trust me I’ll be the first to pass on the knowledge.



Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults since 2013

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The Fashion of the Male Flesh

cropped-99545c705726c03144ab96e931b8734c_large.jpgThis one’s for all my ladies!!!

Girl Talk


The fashion of the male flesh is a beautiful sight.

Women crave it daily.

We admit it freely.

Well most of us will but not all.

Some are too afraid to admit it.

But not my girls.

My girls have a wild side!

Well at least on Twitter any way lol

We love men!

All kinds of men.



and we love the male form in all it’s forms.


The male form  fascinates us.


It takes us on a journey of fantasy that warms us to our core




We envision heated sexual moments at their best.

Sometimes to the point we blush in our own boudoirs.


Possibly leading to some very private MOMENTS.

Then she digs into her tickle the trunk for her um TOY to blow off a little steam afterwards.

Well I know that beaded dolphin is gonna get put to the test tonight!!

Damn, where did I put those batteries?!

After all she’s human and has wants and needs that need to be met to.


This Angel would be foolish if she said she never took part in examining and salivating over the male form.

Face it girls, it’s a damn sexy thing.


We envision things to you know.

Especially some of the ones I post here for you today.

Cause you know how many times we blew up Twitter for these guys!!






Can I just say, OMFG!!!!

Throw me an ice-pack NOW!!!


We don’t need full on visuals all the time.

Although the odd one can be appealing.

You see, that’s the great part about this.

Excuse me,  just looking.  *smiles*


Having something to envision is just as delicious as the full monty.

A guy with a tight shirt or no shirt and a pair of jeans can be just as much a turn on as one fully naked and erect.


Hell; this chick is easy to please, I’m fond of tatts, so a guy sporting a pair of black dickies, a Tee with a design or a logo on the front and baseball hat and tatts;

now this Angel is down for that!

I’m an easy girl to please.

I don’t need a guy in a three-piece suit with a fancy sports car and a six figure income to get my attention.


Not materialistic here folks.

Never have been

I Pride myself on looking for the following traits in men

TRUTH, MANNERS, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING and a willingness to  LISTEN and that he give me his TIME and ATTENTION.

Yes, that’s what I said.

Don’t NEGLECT us, it’s not cool and we will wander off.

After all a girl can not be given a promise and then not here from a man in days.

You know the promise girls right?

 ” I will always make special time for you because you are so important to me and I’ll prove it to you”

Does this sentence come in the guys handbook?

You know the one; written by guys for guys.

Dude that shit never works!!

Neither does thinking you can learn about a woman’s body by watching porn.

So Not!!!

I have to laugh at myself there, that shit was funny.

You know what I’m taking about girls, right?

There is just something wrong with that picture now isn’t there?

Also of importance in the categories above.

We want SUBSTANCE, show us we are special all the time

not just when you wanna get some or need attention, your laundry done or a meal cooked.

Try that shit with this chick I’ll tell you where the damn kitchen is or throw a take out menu at you and the phone.

If you want our undivided attention then you must also give us yours.

Men must always find time for women and vice versa.

Call it “our” time.  You know what I speak of right ladies?

Don’t say you’re gonna sit or lay and watch a movie with me or take me out for dinner and sit there on your damn cellphone all night.


Do that and I can guarantee more than our minds are not with you any more.



It lets the mind run wild and during these times we can  take some of these visions and put them into play

with someone who is worthy of receiving them.

Boondock 04

Now let us not forget THE EYES

Yes , the windows to the SOUL.

And these guys have some PEEPERS that ‘ll make you melt.




Louis Vuitton: Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear S/S 2014





I really have nothing else to add at this time cause um…………………………………………..


 hey there, sorry , I’m back.

Well um yeah that was nice!

I will just leave you ladies with your guys 










large ice bucket clear plastics plexiglass acrylic 300




Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults since 2013

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All images are found using Google Image Search and are not always labeled
I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**