My Review of Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop

Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop

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 5 of 5 Stars (If there were more to give, I would)

I start my review by quoting directly from the book:

” Is it to much to ask to find someone who not only gets you, but is willing to give of themselves to make you happy?”

You are about to learn about a contemporary erotic romance between Lux and Fin.  I found while enjoying this story’s classy descriptiveness without the Author being over-bearing; providing vivid mental imagery for the reader in comfort helped me solve a question most are afraid to ask about alternate sexual lifestyles.

I’ve come to learn, in my mid 40s that it’s okay to open yourself up to learn about things.  In fact it’s wonderfully adventureful.  If learning about BDSM is taboo, this wonderfully written story will definitely change your mind.

Open yourself up to see another side of life that most are curious about but are too afraid to mention.  This book will redefine your apprehensions for discussing such a topic.

Read along with Lux as she tells her tale, the life-style and sometimes being misunderstood both in her profession and personally.  Her frustration in wanting a normal relationship.  Have you ever had a curiosity about something and been afraid to ask a simple question?  I have, especially when it came to different types of lifestyles.

Lux lives the Dominatrix life-style.  she meets Fin when he’s sent as a fill-in by a friend.  She’s impressed. He’s intrigued, curious and willing to try.  Learn, through careful and thoughtful explanation, about BDSM, Fetish Play, Role Play, Subs, Doms all paying attention to sexual pleasures, control awareness – True signs of a Master of the Trade, focusing on the bliss that pain, in some form, offers some of these people.

She’s a Dominatrix by night but trying to build “Kinked”, her Business idea for the hottest new international dating site, by day.

He’s a Scotsman – sometimes a student, sometimes an underwear model, first-time stand-in and wanting to become a full-time horse trainer.

In love, maybe for the first time, and afraid of ruining everything she has with him, she fights her inner self to let go and experience the other side of herself for the first time. Will she fight for it, or will she destroy it like times before.

I’ve just reached a part of the story where I’ve gone from being exhilarated to shocked to saddened to crying to yelling at the characters out loud.  WoW!     All felt inside a short burst.  Now I can not take another reading break and would not have by the way but for the flu I have battled for the past 2 weeks.  Now, I read straight through to the end because whatever just happened, there’s definitely more in store and I’m an emotional tidal wave right now. I have to finish this book tonight!

As a single tear rolls down my cheek, I have now reached Chapter 32 and I’m holding my breath. I just spent the past couple of hours on an emotional roller-coaster and I’m almost afraid to finish as I’m not sure my heart can take it,but I have to know.

Okay, I’m bawling like a school girl.  I’m not going to tell you why.  You’ll have to read this book for yourself.  I have to say, the way this played out in my head as I was reading it made me think I should be watching a steamy Saturday night movie.  WoW! Yes, I say it again.  My eighteen year old daughter came down to the living room and I was crying, saying WoW over and over again.  I said to her, I love it when a great book can make me cry like this.  Being an emotional person and a Clairsentient opens me up to feeling a lot of things and when I can dive right into a story and feel the character’s emotions at the artful delivery of the story telling by the writer they have me hooked.

I tip my hat to Ally Bishop for delivering a fantastic love story set inside an erotic adventure lesson and for teaching me a few things not only about the subject matter but about myself.

I anxiously await her next novel as I know it can only be as great a read as this was.

I give this book my highest recommendations.

All written words in this Review are original by Gillian A. Gibson

Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013


My Book Review of Bloodletting by William D. Prystauk

My Book Review of Bloodletting


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William D. Prystauk (Author)
William D. Prystauk (Author)

Okay where to begin…I’m so excited!
I purchased the Kindle version of this book on December 24th 2014.
I got started reading and couldn’t put it down. The innovative use of descriptive language put me on scene frame by frame, I truly felt like I was there taking it all in through my own eyes. The strong and vibrant characters cleverly and educationally introduced me to a world completely unknown before.
I found myself sitting up straight at times clutching my chest, holding my breath and grabbing my hair. This type of writing for me is exhilarating.  I found myself pulling an all-nighter to finish the book in its entirety, something which I haven’t done since reading Stephen Kings Dark Half in 1988.
We are taken on an investigation of a series of brutal deaths in NYC with Private Investigator, Punk rocker and sadomasochist Denny Bowie. Deep within New York’s vibrant S&M subculture, Denny revisits places of his past: the fetish clubs in Greenwich Village to find the killer who’s taken the life of several men, including his best childhood friend,a well-known Fetish photographer.
This is the best Erotic Crime Thriller I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.
A definite Recommended Read.
5 of 5 Stars.

All written words in this Review are original by Gillian A. Gibson

By the Crimson Vaults 2015
By the Crimson Vaults 2015