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The Walk by Crimson Quintessence 2018

Walk with me, on a moonlit night

lay, in fields, under cloudless skies.

Sit with me, as I sit with you,

on a mountain top high, so near the sky.

Dream with me, dreams of truth,

where I can be me, and you can be you.

See with me, clouds, as they glide over the earth,

like the morning mist dances above the water with each days birth.

Hold with me, those dreams, as they come,

connecting our finger tips like a force of one.

Fear with me, all the things that hurt or scare you,

the crudeness of war upon mother earth.

It only takes one word to get inside,

one word redefined.

Dance with me, to songs that will heal us,

flow and let go, through the tunes, feel their beat,

taking each step with two human feet.

Love with me, like today’s our last day,

walk with me, let your soul feel free,

move both your arms, let your body sway.

Let the stress of each day fall and melt away.

It’s hard, to only let people see small parts of you.

Lost in the daze, life’s hurdles, the craze.

Carefully selected shards, for each thing that you do.

Thoughtfully served, even though, something is clearly hurting you.

The soul is pure, the soul is true.

That which you cannot hide, they’ll see right through you.

When you’re alone, and scared and hurting,

I’ll be right there, holding your hand.

Though you cannot see me, we’ll stroll thorough our path.

I’ll walk with you, in the after-math.

Glow in the dark, light up the night,

pass the love around, we won’t want to come back down.

I walk with you, on your darkest days.

I’ll remind you, your path, in the softest of ways.

I’ll stroke  your hair, when you feel alone.

I’ll hold you close, when you’re chilled to the bone.

I’ll brush your cheek, when you lay down at night,

one last kiss and turn out the light.

I am your will, your drive, your thrill,

when you are in doubt, the darkness moving in for the kill.

Find me..

Without freedom, your light would go out.

My shock will remind you to fight back, let your mind shout it out.

I, am your inner essence, you see, it’s me.

When you are in need, I’ll set you free.

Your belief in yourself, is, what sometimes one cannot see.

I’m here to remind you to set yourself free.


Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

Original written work by Gillian Gibson aka Crimson Quintessence 2018. **Click on any Image to redirect to the images webpage/designer where it has been provided. All images are found using Google Image Search and are not always labelled I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**


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