Reach for the Sun

Reach for the Sun * Artist Jim Warren

One Step forward

Two steps back

Love lies bleeding

An emotional attack.

Not prepared for what was done,

Survived it all,

Another day won.

Crawling in my skin

Don’t know where I fit it.

I cry and reach for the ceiling

I feel like my brain is bleeding.

The pounding I feel in my head,

While I lay, curled up, in my bed.

Sometimes, I could walk with the dead

Leaving behind all of my dread.

But then, I hear your voice in a song

And those thoughts of being alone

Are not so strong anymore.

Eventually, they are all gone

Leaving me standing again once more

Finding my smile from inside was a chore

But, I survived my thoughts once again

And your song took away all my pain.

So, know, I dance in the rain

Smiling through all of my pain

I reach for the sun once again.

Reach for the sun (Todd Abrams)

Original written work of Gillian Gibson aka Crimson Quintessence August 2017

Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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