Payback Over by Crimson Quintessence

I’m ready to go home

I’m tired

I saw it coming

Unfolding before my very eyes

A toxic entity,

That was you.

Full of excuses

Full of lies

The blankest of stares

Behind your dark eyes.

Joint in one hand

Knife in the other,

You cornered me

Your angel and lover.

I submitted my body

But not my soul

That you can’t have

You heart black as coal.

I’m ready to go home now

Swing your steel blade

I’m taking my soul with me

Into the fade.

Run me right through

Sanguine shade

Drain me right out,

It’s how you are made.

Dance on my corpse

Scream and shout.

Your days, will be numbered without any doubt.

That you can count on,

I’ll settle all scores

My soul soars as yours roars

Payback over, there’s nothing more.

Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

Original written work by Gillian Gibson aka Crimson Quintessence 2017.
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All images are found using Google Image Search and are not always labelled
I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**

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