Knock Me Back

I’m sometimes lost, I’m forever alone

I fight with my thoughts when no-one is home

I reach for you, but no-one is there

I scream and I cry as I rip out my hair.

How can I face you and tell you I’m broken

With each tear cried, I’m breaking wide open

I scream at myself in the dark,

hearing every last beat of my heart.

What if I ran for the door,

trip as I break to my core

Would you turn from me and choose to ignore

what broke me like never before.

I crash and I burn deep inside, not knowing what it’s like to feel alive

Knock me back to the place I was born

feel the first breath that was special but torn

from a recycled soul that was battered and worn.

There you sat, as a matter of fact

just grinning, you were, like a Cheshire cat

ashes to ashes, the others all spat

a relevant term, as a matter of fact.

Cut through and bleeding where the love once sat

what do you think about that?

With a cloak to disguise me, I’m done

consumed with the night all alone

all that I’ve felt, is now gone

needed this time on my own

renewed, with my self, I have grown

can face all that is on my own

at peace with myself, I am home.

never again all alone.


Julius Caesar

Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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