Autopsy of Her Soul


Do you even hear her when she speaks?

So incredibly cruel, you are

overtaking her whenever she has a thought

talking down to her like she doesn’t matter,

like anything she has to say doesn’t matter.

You yell, scream even

she swears you love to hear the sound of your own voice

uneducated and incredibly rude,

so condescending, so belittling and cold.

Vile thoughts run through her head as the bile rises up in her throat

shaking inside with so much rage

crying out of extreme frustration.

You do one kind thing for her and she pays for it with your cruel treatment and condescending tone

You make her feel small, like nothing

she gets away from you to feel human again, to find herself-purpose, to matter.

She’s tired, she’s exhausted

you burst her happy bubble every day when you come home

your negative vibes, your constant bitching

acting like you know all like you’re the only one that matters, like only your opinion counts,

all others are a cancerous tumor that festers in your life.

You strain her, stress her out, cause emotional distress

you are negative, a dark cloud hovering overhead, blocking her blue sky,

the main source of her stress,

you are the strain behind her eyes,

the crushing pain inside her head.

The tears flowing down her cheeks

You kill her will to live.

The autopsy of her soul will leave only one question….

Which of your evils actually killed her?

Autopsy Photography by Marisa Cunningham
Autopsy Photography by Marisa Cunningham


Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2017.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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