Faded Memories by Crimson Quintessence

Faded Memories
Faded Memories

As I gaze upon the night sky

I’ve forgotten what you look like

nothing but a faded memory now

but it’s alright

there are no plans to revisit that past 

It’s gone, all but a small cloud of dust.

Faded away and set adrift

so much wasted time

but I’m not angry,

not sad,

not even moved in any direction

I feel nothingness

I’ve become numb to it all.

I know I got myself through the storm of your turbulence

the blood which was siphoned from my veins has regenerated itself

and I’m not missing a drop.

I’ve forgotten your eyes,

now hollow black holes

nothing left but a fading shadow.

It’s funny, how time and maturity look past and laugh at the wasted moments

and, as I chuckle at myself for ever believing you were true, real or sincere in anything you said to me,

I realize it was all just a bad dream

and I rollover and enjoy the best nights sleep I’ve ever had in years.

Those memories fade and I look forward to tomorrow with nothing but peace and serenity in my heart.

I chose peace.


Musique Zen Anti Stress
Musique Zen Anti Stress
Zen paradise garden
Zen paradise garden




Copy Right Protected  by the Crimson Vaults 2016.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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