Spotlight by Quintessence


In just a short six days I have managed to work through so much and found my zen place.

The release of inner pain is like having a floodgate open that has blocked oxygen enriched blood to flow to and through all your vital organs.

Holding it in for so long like a backdraft in a fire kept me in an emotional cage.  A cage I never should have found myself in.  When that cage door opened a week ago it gave me my much-needed release to freedom.  Freedom that I’ve not had in years.  Freedom that I’ve missed since my entrance into that cage.  A caged soul is unable to fully expand their wings and fly the way they should.  The way they were meant to.

We count for something and should be able to run free.  Free from restrictions, from horrible memories and loss.  Once you let go you find inner peace and your true flow and light surrounds you continuously.  If any sneak a peek into that light hopefully they will see your free-flowing transformation, your release.  Your own spotlight awaits you and the music plays for you to dance brilliantly in.

Don’t lock yourself in the dark.  Find your spotlight and dance.  Spread your wings and fly my angels and let it all go.


New faces

left, right and center

you shine love all over me

you lift me to new plains

you are all spotlights

each and every one of you

we are set free

we are where we belong

dancing in our own free will

tied to no chains

we dance so splendidly

we found the key to our freedom

ad set ourselves free

the light is shining all over you,

all over me 



 “So many things are possible as long as you don’t know why they are impossible” 

Mildred D. Taylor



Copy Right Protected  by the Crimson Vaults 2016.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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