Burned up in the Sun


Flaming Fist Sun Wallpaper by EpicBlargman

Flaming Fist Sun Wallpaper by EpicBlargman

Head held high

Arms wide open

let the past burn up into the sun

no longer carrying these troubles of mine

learned where my heart is 

the burdens are gone

burned into the sun.

Dreams in my suitcase

unpacked and fine with them

I’m on a mission

it’s out of my system

burned into the sun.


Found a way through it 

no more web of silence a burden

not stranded on an island

it’s burned up in the sun.

No longer lost

no longer searching

I’ve spread my wings 

no longer hurting

I’ve opened up my eyes

I let it all burn up in the sun.


I’ve found a way to do me

dance through the fire

look up to the sun

I know I’m no liar

burned up in the sun

I remain flying higher

circling the flames of the sun.



Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2016.


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