Dance with Your Devils


Twist and turn

my sacred urn

ashes of the dead it contains

Long since gone

tormenting ones

I smile as I dine on your remains

Black as coal

is my demented soul

for my heart turned to ash long ago

I won’t play your game

apparently, you have absolutely no shame

holding your hand out for more

Living in your realm

was a terrible torturous hell

full of pain and blocked emotion

being around you became such a chore

Your sadistic intent

has my brain and patience very well spent

I turn my back on your arrogant ass

I won’t respond to your pitiful pitch

as it gave me an irritable itch

and I possess bitch-grade attitude and pizzaz

I’ve dealt with far worse, I assure you

I’ll have a lick

but won’t kill you quick

you will suffer each lash from my venomous tongue

split skin and a mouth full of sin

I’ll watch your demons dance painfully

as they drift in and out of your soul

Hear your screams

music to my dying ears

dance with your devils once more.



Thank you for Visiting with love JillyG

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