Blured Lines – Swing Your Bat -Quintessential Truth #2

***WARNING…..If you are easily offended by truth and reality, don’t read this section.  These are my personal opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, nor am I looking for confrontation.  I simply have an outlet for such topics and reserve the right to put them here.***

First let me start this one-off by telling you about the Title Blured Lines, there are some ass-holes sitting right now laughing telling each other “omg, she can’t even spell blurred correctly.”


My spelling has its own meaning, Blured Lines – Blured means Blue/Red combined it is the color of the headache pills I take for, obviously headaches and I thought what an awesome combination of blue and red, those two colors represent two emotions we all possess Sadness and Anger.  Thus blured lines was born.  Never make assumptions about another’s work…..

Now with that out-of-the-way let’s get to our next topic of discussion building , shall we?

Grab a cold drink, have a seat, light em if you’ve got em and most importantly relax….

You’ll note  the next sub topic is *Swing your bat”  This is a metaphor (a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.) In this case it simply means stand up for yourself.  So many people want to write and are afraid to.


Easily enough broken down,  they are afraid of being judged or ridiculed for their style and/or content.  I’m here to let you know not to ever let things like that stand in your way.  Hell I’ve written and posted 187 pieces and have no idea who has read what.  The last time one checked you were an individual, right?  Capable of making your own decisions, hell I’ll even bet you can wipe your own ass without any help.  What’s fact without a little humour, Steak without potatoes, bread without butter and so on.  Listen, if we all sat waiting for someone else’s approval we’d never get out of bed.

I can’t count how many times I have read in a message

“I can’t post/share it until someone else looks at it first for me”.

Okay, STOP!!

You are the one writing, correct?  It is your piece or perspective you want to put out there, true?

So, why does it have to be run past someone else first?

Only if you have requested that someone do some editing for you to check for spelling errors or punctuation should you ever allow this to take place. No one owns you or anything you do.  And for GS NEVER allow another to completely rewrite or change your work!!!!!!!

That is what I mean by Swing your bat, stand up for yourself, put your work out there and let it speak for itself.  As you go along you will pick up tips and tricks to challenge yourself and make your own creative changes. Changes that you see fit.  One thing that irks me are the “cherry pickers”  They only read your work if it fits their style or their genre.  Guess what, you didn’t start writing to fit their mold, you have a unique mold all of your very own.  how you chose to shape yourself is entirely up to you and no-one has the right to interfere with that unless you ask them to do so.

If one day you feel like poetry, then write it.  Your style, your way.

If one day you feel like an emotional roller coaster just ran you over then write about that.

If you were hurt by someone and need to write to get it out of your system, then write it out.

If you are so mad you have evil thoughts of killing someone, write a dark piece of fiction or whatever.

It’s that simple folks,  When I say stand up and be counted, it is because you need to realize that you matter, you count.  You need to be heard just as much as anyone else.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the underdog.  They have so much more to offer then anyone realizes.


Because they write from their souls, through their very own essence.  This matters to me, so, it matters to others all the same.  To me it doesn’t matter if all you have in you is a two-sentence short or a brief quote. The fact that it matters to you means it matters to me and I will share it as I would anything else.

Don’t ever be afraid to put it out there.  And please, don’t say “but I can’t write” anyone can write.  The biggest mistake we make is trying to compare ourselves to others.  Don’t do it.  You are unique, you are a beacon of light to at least one soul out there who is just sitting waiting to hear from you.  Your one piece will spark a will to want to inside of another.  So take that one small step outside of your fears and begin your pilgrimage forth to your own greatness.

Swing Your Bat!!

Until next time Realists.  Stand up and be heard!



The Crimson that is I,Quintessence.
The Crimson that is I,Quintessence.
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


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