I, Quintessence



my creation

with each journey


become stronger,

less damned


I conform to no one

but myself

I could have been

just as easily

molded from others

lost in my identity

A personification

of indifference.

A representation,

an embodiment

or incarnation

of a normal soul

born in Crimson 

am not mediocrity

I, Quintessence

 embody a true reality

I am ostensible

I exist,

 I am genuine

no pretense

I am a pure breed

I am not diluted

I am absolute.



like the tides

it is of my act

of determination

driven by obstacles

launched in my path

I have my reasons

for quite times 

for the changes

they bring within me.

My Strength

while it intensifies


 chooses my battles.


stand fast

in a firm belief

that if you

have earned

a place in my life,

you shall stay

your actions

will be justly rewarded

or punished

according to your deeds.



Await you.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014


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