Sweetest Thing


Oh come now

it’s really not that bad

the water wasn’t that cold

I say

as I run my finger tips across your skin

you are supple

glowing in my fluorescent light

you shimmer

as I walk to the butcher’s block

removing the sharpest blade

I was kind as I dabbed the moisture from your entirety

I bring you close to my nose

so I can breathe in your wonderfully sweet aroma

you look so good

I’m reminded of the time of year

I could keep you a while

force cloves into your skin

allowing your union with them to intoxicate my nostrils further

But no

not today

today, I feel I must peel back your skin

and dazzle my eyes with your internal pulp

allowing your juices to flow freely

letting them run down my forearm

It’s almost too much to bear

I tear you in half

watch your dark nectar flow

I see your center

so wet

so juicy

seeds of your offspring

waiting to become fully grown

I section you again and again

Now, you lie before me

in pieces

I’m not sorry

I have no remorse

I’m not done with you yet

I lift one of your severed pieces to my lips

I run my tongue across your broken tissue

oh sweet agony

I bite down

your juices run down my chin

I catch them with the back of my hand

so as not to lose a single drop

I drag my hand back up to my mouth

lick what is left of you there

I close my eyes

piece after piece

I adore how you taste

licking my lips more with each bite and nibble

until you are gone and I am fully satisfied with my delights

I discard your outer skin

as it is bitter to my lips

and causes numbness

I will digest you now

my sweetest thing

my blood orange.


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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