Mephistopheles’ Pit

A festering pit

the devil’s tomb

split wide open

like a gaping wound

death has risen

and shed it’s blood

hounds of hell

run his neighborhood.

Run if ye shall

you’ll not get far

he’ll keep your organs

in his jar,

to feast upon

this dreaded night

laughing at your lifeless corpse.

Those who dared

to challenge him

found death the greatest pleasure.

 Torture, pain and blood soaked rain

are not for such soft human beings.

He’ll rip away your skin in deep blood soaked sin

steal you from all who cared.

Some dabble in the darkest arts

and mess with the blackest magic.

For one who felt so brave within

to venture in his world

the ending was quite tragic.

Do not tread the devil’s pit

when you truly can not understand.

What goes on there

is to be feared

and never played with

by human hand.

He’ll rip out your heart

and devour your soul

so stories go.

Don’t cross his path

at any time

as your death will be quite cold.

There’ll be nothing left to bury

no memory of your existence to be told.

Your death will be forgotten

as will your very soul.


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults Since 2013


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