Kaleidoscope Mind


Icy shards

inside my mind

contorted blades

digging deep

A consortium

of fear

perhaps utter confusion

robbing me of sleep

How did I ever get here

this dark forsaken atmosphere

tormenting me way down deep.

A carnival of terror

dancing through my mind

on days like this

thoughts better off

becoming of the dead

Red hot poker

fire burns

piercing inside my head

pulsations in my eyes

explosions of pain and dread

abundance of colours

making no sense

twisting, turning

so intense

lost to awaken

cluttered white noise


at my expense.

Scared to close my orbs

what’s waiting for me there

behind those doors

there’s something dark

that locks me in despair

no way out

I haven’t got a prayer

Devour my soul

illusion or not

becoming trapped

in this darkened hole

catapult the pressure

torturous grenade

take away this horrid pain

before I go insane.

What rises up before me

luminous and brilliant light

Guide me out of this darkness

bring me will to fight

Wandering completely hell-bent

destruction is no more

show me what it meant

what was the torture for.

Give me back my solitude

strengthen my inner core

lead me to those wonderful things

you want me to explore

Wake me from this dreaming dust

relieve my inner pain

Give me back my frame of mind

bring me back to being sane.

These kaleidoscopic

 muddled thoughts

are my eternal shame

spinning round inside my head

confusion is its name

taking away my sanity

Depression claims it’s reign

My saneness is my mental health

but teach me without vanity

Keep me humble

protect my pride

guide me from insanity

Respect for all

standing tall

Paying it forward

to the rest of Humanity.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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