After the Storm


After the storm

when the tornado left

in ruins we sat

challenges faced.

Some will dare to try

crossing the rapids

left in it’s wake

to reach the other side

where it’s safe

being swept away

in the undertow.

Some will build bridges

and walk to the other side

reaching greener pastures

continuing the ride

building new homes

trying to keep on

after the destruction

of the winds.

Some will be stuck

in mud swelled wallows

hunkering down

in wet decrepid hallows

some will climb high

to be rescued 

to start all over

creating new memories

new photos, new structures.

Moving their way forward

from a life so obstructed.

Some will repeat the same old mistakes

learning from nothing 

the storms left in their wake.

Some will rebuild the ruins

moving on forward.

Put up a new walls

strength be their guard

push back all feelings

keep pain away hard.

Stroll in the forests

dancing in the rain

singing a new tune

they survived it.

Look on to the future

the light it will guide them

they’ll travel new journeys

eternal the flames of their souls

they’ll carry themselves onward

seeking many new dreams and many new goals.


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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