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Svenja Jödicke Artwork

Svenja Jödicke Artwork

I realized something when I woke today after finally having a good night of unbroken slumber.

I’m awake

I’m alive

inside my soul I can fully thrive

I’ve cut loose the bonds that tied me

held me prisoner inside my mind

I now know my beauty

I know my face

I am definitely someone

who can not be replaced

Svenja Jödicke art

Svenja Jödicke art

I stand with conviction

I stand with all truth

I need not ever worry

I am living proof

No-one owns us

nor owns our souls

we are the ones responsible

for our thoughts

for our feelings

for whom we offer our love to

Should others take advantage of it

well it’s their soul that burns

for we can move forward

with all that we learn

It makes us stronger

makes us wiser

we protect ourselves more

lessons in life

strengthen our core

Value what you have

love who you’re with

never let anyone

break you down

torture your soul

feed on your heart

still give freely

but keep yourself guarded

It’s okay to stand on your own

see the good in people

defend your honor

don’t be afraid to speak out

but do it with dignity

remember your manners

don’t be combative

don’t expect rewards


value the relationships you forge

we are all flawed

in one way or another

but that doesn’t mean we can’t be sisters and brothers

differences are our uniqueness

respect them

see them

Svenja Jödicke art

Svenja Jödicke art

these will make you a better stronger version

of what you can be

potential is there

that’s what makes us free

to stand on our own

and believe

“I’m happy just being Me”

Svenja Jödicke art

Svenja Jödicke art


Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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