Darker Half


Inside of us

the darker half dwells

that we’re afraid of most of all


But when we’re in need

it will come out to feed

and be there to answer our call


Our powerful self

with attitude

sometimes it can be quite mean


For those who are weak

it possesses a peak

gives us balls of solid steel


When dark hours come

our will is succumbed

to the dark half we house within


When it comes out

there is no doubt

who will be thrilled to sin


Give in to it, our bully inside

that we try so carefully to hide

is it attitude or the brains defense

for protection of our foolish pride


We’re never quite sure

what we can endure each day that time passes by

to keep up perfection and show true affection

when battling demons inside


The dark half will rise

and protect us from harm

but can also bring with it

a great deal of harm

to others as well as ourselves


so think very carefully before you release it

as you know quite well it can be most vicious

it can devour ones soul when it’s out of control

and leave a wake of disaster behind it.


Keep your mind well in tact

and stay on the right track

Make sure you keep up all your scruples


If you follow the rules

you survive it you fools

you’ll become my very best pupils.




Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014

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