Doors open

step inside

select your destination


Doors close

the ascent begins

were else will it take you


Sudden stop

open door

what decision do you make


An old hotel

created in hell

how brave are you now


Step outside

your safe confine

the hallway is dark and narrow


feel along the wall

of this darkened hall

find a door to open wide


A putrid smell

drifts to your nose

do you dare take a step inside


Step back you do

the way you came through

back onto the elevator


Select again

the number ten

this time to risk your luck


Up you go

another floor

will it be much better


Doors open again

but there’s light ahead

room 1008 is much more even


Turn the door knob

walk right in

now there’s no way out


You’re seeing things

that aren’t quite right

but all of it feels so real


An open window

across the room

will help you seal your fate


Step onto the ledge

but don’t look down

or else you’ll wind up dead


Time to fight with all your might

the voices inside your head

feeling dizzy now what do you do

to survive just one more night.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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