Sitting there watching and waiting to strike

licking your venomous finger tips

wheeling theory of foist torment

 easier to disperse to assuage your longing

to become human

 think yourself superlative to the rest

a vile demon trying to gain strength from the living

 kick and scream searching observation

but the falsification one spews in their wake

shows true colors and that makes them take

cautions of protection from one so not a token

 have them believe that ones strong and not broken

they know the real person that’s hidden so well

they were around when you cast forth your dark spell

Said unto them one very dark night

while sitting around rummaging for a fight

I am the one who they all need to fear

 cry on their shoulder and weep in their ears

You were stupid enough to think that they bought it

Really my dear you know that they fought it

You thought that they really would let it sink in

the lies that you told deep from within

you are the devil and no doors are open

keep away from the precious and slink back into darkness

no room for you here as they try to push onward

they have no real use for you as they forage their way forward

they’re bored with your bullshit and you’ll keep yourself tortured.

they’ve left you behind in confusion and worry

 you need to know they’re really not sorry.

they vanquished your dark soul with quite a strong hand.

That sting will hurt  forever but they don’t give a damn

The next time you think of being the fabulist you are

you may want to think twice as they won’t be that far

Now go back to hell you vile child of Satan

and when you come back know they will be waiting.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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